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  • Dear friends:

    Full of passion burning like fire in the memorable days, we have cast a historical monument with iron and steel. Since its establishment in 2008, CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group has always adhered to the concept of “Integrity, Innovation, Integration, Excellence”, promoted its core competitiveness by R&D, optimized its industrial layout by strategic merger and acquisition. At present, it has obtained the annual production capacity of over 14 million-ton special steel. With 8 core subsidiary enterprises, it has formed a coastal and riverside strategic layout of industrial chain and become the leader & dominant player of special steel market in China and the drafter of the industry standards.

    As a leading domestic special steel enterprise, CITIC PACIFIC Special Steel Group actively implements the new development concept, takes high-quality development as the main line, strengthens the real economy and helps build China into a manufacturing power.CITIC Pacific Special Steel always adheres to the customer- oriented principle, constantly improves the marketing service system, and is committed to providing users with one-stop and total solutions for special steel. Its business vitality and industry influence continue to increase, and its economic benefits & development quality steadily improve so as to make important contributions to the industry development and national economic construction.

    The world today is facing unprecedented changes in a century. The innovation-driven development is everywhere and energy revolution is on the way, we shall strive for high-quality development. Standing at a new historical starting point, CITIC Pacific Special Steel will dig deep into its main business of special steel, unswervingly follow the road of "variety, quality and efficiency" with the goal of "leading the development of global special steel industry". According to the requirement of China national industrial structure adjustment, we adhere to value creation, green development, technological innovation & development model innovation, accelerate promotion of intelligent metallurgy & digital transformation, drive the industry to change from application integrated process to original R&D process, speed up the development of global layout, actively undertake the national mission,boost the high-quality development of industrial chain and strive to realize the development vision of "creating the most competitive special steel enterprise group in the world" during the"14th Five-Year Plan".

    On behalf of CITIC Pacific Special Steel, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our customers, partners and friends for your long-term care and support for our development and construction. We will make every effort to create value for the customers, create benefits for the shareholders, create happiness for the employees and create wealth for the society!

  • CITIC PACIFIC Special Steel Group Co., Ltd is a listed enterprise controlled by China CITIC Group and a world's leading professional special steel material manufacturing enterprise group. The group has possessed such “Four Major Special Steel Manufacturing Bases” as Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Works Co., Ltd, Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd, Qingdao Special Iron & Steel Co., Ltd and Jingjiang Special Steel Co., Ltd; such “Two Major Raw Material Supply Bases” as Tongling PACIFIC Special Materials Co., Ltd & Yangzhou PACIFIC Special Materials Co., Ltd and such "Two Major Extended Processing Bases" as PACIFIC Special Steel Suspension (Jinan) Co., Ltd & Zhejiang PACIFIC Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd. as well as it has invested and bought shares in Tianjin Pipe Corporation Limited. Nowadays, it has become the pioneer, the market leader and the industry standard maker of China's special steel industry. It has been president unit of China Iron and Steel Industry Association and president unit of China Special Steel Enterprises Association.

    CITIC PACIFIC Special Steel has an annual production capacity of more than 14 million tons of special steel and its process technology & equipment have reached the world advanced level. At present, it has been a top-quality special steel production base with large coverage of steel grades, full varieties and many product categories in the world. It has possessed such “Six Major Product Sectors” as special steel bar, seamless steel tube, special metallurgical products, special steel wire rod, plate products and extended industry which are complete in variety, specification & matching and excellent in quality, with significant market competitive advantages. Its products sell well all over the country and are exported to more than 60 regions & countries such as America, Japan, EU and Southeast Asia, etc., and are favored by high-end users at home and abroad.The leading products of the company such as high-end bearing steel, high-end automobile steel, steel for wind power and mooring chain steel, etc. persistently increase in domestic market share and continue to maintain the absolute competitive advantage of market segments.

    Adhering to the development concept of “Integrity, Innovation, Integration and Excellence” and with benefiting the society as its own mission, CITIC PACIFIC Special Steel Group strives to construct an environment friendly, resource-saving and social harmony society, putting forth effort to create global most competitive special steel enterprise group. 

  • The19th century

    In 1890, Zhang Zhidong, Governor-general of Hu-Guang in the late Qing Dynasty founded Hanyeping Coal & Iron Factory and Mine Co., Ltd, which was known as “Cradle of China’s Iron & Steel” (Later called Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd).

    The 20th century

    In 1913, Hanyeping Company formally prepared to build a new Daye plant at the first general meeting of shareholders.


    In 1948, “Hanyeping Company” was renamed as “Central China Iron & Steel Company”.


    In 1953, “Central China Iron & Steel Company” was renamed as “Daye Steel Plant”.


    In 1972, Jiangyin County Steel Works was founded.


    In 1993, the joint venture, Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Works Co., Ltd, which is invested and controlled by Hong Kong CITIC Pacific, was established.


    In 1997, Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd. was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

    The 21th century

    In 2004, CITIC Pacific acquired Daye Steel Works, held shares of Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd through Hubei Xinyegang Steel Co., Ltd. Thus, a-hundred-year Daye Steel became a member of big CITIC family.


    In 2008, CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group was founded in Shanghai.

    In 2008, the joint venture, Tongling Pacific Special Materials Co., Ltd, which is invested and controlled by Hong Kong CITIC Pacific, was established.

    In 2008, CITIC Pacific solely invested to establish Yangzhou Pacific Special Materials Co., Ltd.


    In 2017, CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group acquired Qingdao Special Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.


    In 2018, CITIC Pacific Special Steel Holdings acquired “Jiangsu Valin-Xigang Special Steel Co., Ltd.” and renamed it to “Jingjiang Special Steel Co., Ltd.”

    In 2018, CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group held the shares of “Jinan Shuaichao Industry Co., Ltd.” and renamed it to “CTIC Pacific Special Steel Suspension (Jinan) Co., Ltd.”


    In 2019, CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group acquired “Zhejiang Gross Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd” and renamed it to “Zhejiang Pacific Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd”.

    In 2019, Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd implemented major asset restructuring, CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group realized overall listing and the listed company is renamed to “CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group Co., Ltd”.

    In 2021, CITIC Pacific Special Steel Holdings acquired 20.4% equity of “Tianjin PIPE Corporation” and be fully responsible for the production, operation and management.

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