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Xingcheng Special Steel

Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Works Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Xingcheng Special Steel) is located in Jiangyin National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of 4,832 mu and facing the Yangtze River in the north. It self-builds two 100,000-ton ocean terminals and has well-developed transportation logistics advantages in highways, canals, the Yangtze River and ocean shipping. Nowadays, it has developed into an individual manufacturing enterprise of special steel bars, wires and sheet coil, with complete product specifications and larger production scale.Xingcheng Special Steel is a leading enterprise in China's special steel industry. It has been listed as one of the Four Special Steel Industrial Bases and a leading enterprise in China's special steel technology. It is a Key High-tech Enterprise of the National Torch Plan, a National Advanced Collective of Energy Conservation, one of the first batch of Demonstration Enterprises with Informatization-Industrialization Integration in China, one of the first batch of Green Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprises in China, National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, China Import and Export Quality Integrity Enterprise, China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprise and National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise.

Xingcheng Special Steel has the capacity to produce 6.9 million tons of special steel annually, and has 7 world-leading production lines of bars, wire rods & plate coils. The main equipment of production and testing are introduced from abroad, and all the production processes adopt international advanced technology. It provides high-quality special steel products with various specifications and varieties, as well as overall solutions for customers in more than 60 regions and countries in the world.

The main products of Xingcheng Special Steel cover high-grade bearing steel, gear steel, spring steel, cutting-free non-quenched & tempered steel, mooring-chain steel, continuous casting large round alloy billet,cord steel,ultra-thick steel plate, pipeline steel, wear-resistant steel, high-strength steel, pressure vessel steel, ship & ocean engineering steel and mold steel, etc, which are widely used in transportation, petrochemical, machinery, marine engineering, wind power, bridge and other industries. The company's leading products have absolute competitive advantages in the market segments, of which it accounts for 85% in the high-end bearing market, ranking first in China for 19 consecutive years and first in the world for 12 consecutive years; it accounts for 75% in high-grade automobile steel market, ranking first in China for 14 consecutive years; The market share of the steel for wind power and mooring chain steel has reached 87% and 93% respectively.

Xingcheng Special Steel has possessed national-level technological centre, national accredited laboratory and post-doctoral research workstation and undertaken project tackling in multiple metallurgical subjects. It presided over & participated in drafting and revising multiple national and industry technical standards.Xingcheng Special Steel has successively won such awards as "National Quality Award", "National Quality Benchmark", "Nomination Award of China Quality Award", "Global Performance Excellence Award" of Asia Pacific Quality Organization, "Excellence Award of China Patent Award", "The First and Second Prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award" and "The First Prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology Award", etc. Many of its products have won the "Golden Cup Award" for physical quality of national metallurgical products.