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Tongling Special Materials 

Tongling PACIFIC Special Materials Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Tongling Special Materials) is located in Circular Park of Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province, covering an area of 1,144 mu. It is the intersection center of Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, Yangtze River Delta economic circle and Wuhan economic circle. Relying on the golden waterway of the Yangtze River, Tongling Special Materials has four special wharfs with 5,000-ton and 10,000 ton berths, with an annual cargo throughput up to 8 million tons and equipped with advanced & complete port machinery. Tongling Special Materials has been successively rated as the National Model Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations, Integrity Enterprise of Anhui Province, Demonstration Enterprise with "Informatization-Industrialization Integration" of Anhui Province and Green Factory of Anhui Province, ranking the third among the Top 50 Local Enterprises in Tongling in 2020 and the 46th among the Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises of Anhui Province in 2021.

With an annual capacity of 3 million tons of coking chemical industry, 8 million tons of port logistics and 126 MW of thermoelectric energy, Tongling Special Materials has introduced a number of cutting-edge environmental protection production equipment. Currently, it has possessed  two 4.3m tamping coke ovens, four 7m top charging coke oven and complete coking production plants such as CDQ, gas purification and chemical product recovery, etc. Among them, the two tamping coke ovens adopt the imported world's leading tamping machine of Germany FLSMIDTH KOCH GMBH LIMITED, and its overall process equipment has reached the international first-class level. All three coking production lines in the plant area are equipped with coke dry quenching, with an 80 MW gas-steam combined cycle electric generator set as well as coke oven flue gas desulfurization and denitration device and relevant auxiliary facilities.

The main products of Tongling Special Materials cover smelter coke, coal tar, crude benzene, ammonium sulfate, sodium thiocyanate, clean gas, steam and electricity, etc.

Tongling Special Materials has possessed provincial-level Enterprise Technology Center, Postdoctoral Research Workstation and Tongling Municipal Key Laboratory of "Large Particle High Strength Metallurgical Coke", which has been recognized by China National Accreditation Commission for Conformity Assessment (CNAs). Tongling Special Materials has established a Coal Coke Chemical Research Institute, which has obtained 9 patents. It sets up a technology center to manage technology R & D work, equips professional Coal Coke Chemical Laboratory, and cooperates with R & D personnel to complete detection experiment and R & D tests in strict accordance with the requirements of CNAS management system.

As a manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in coking and chemical industry, Tongling Special Materials consciously shoulders the social responsibility of environmental protection, and solidly promotes the implementation of environmental protection improvement & transformation projects with the goal of ultra-low emission. In recent years, Tongling Special Materials has invested more than RMB 300 million yuan in environmental protection transformation projects.