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Yangzhou Special Materials 

Yangzhou PACIFIC Special Materials Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Yangzhou Special Materials) is located in Jiangdu District Economic Development Zone, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of about 1,700 mu. It is adjacent to the Yangtze River in the south, with self-built two 100,000-ton wharfs. It has enjoyed the developed transportation and logistics advantages such as roads and the Yangtze River. Yangzhou Special Materials has successively received the honorary titles such as a "Worker Pioneer", "Health Promotion Enterprise of Jiangsu Province", "Three-star Jiangsu Green Port", "Jiangsu May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee", "Yangzhou Mayor Quality Award", one of Yangzhou "Top 100 Industrial Enterprises", Yangzhou "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" and Yangzhou "Model Enterprise of Employee Labor Protection", etc. 

With an annual capacity to produce 6 million tons of oxidized pellets and 3 million tons of high-grade refined powder, Yangzhou Special Materials provides multi varieties and high-quality oxidized pellets for major steel enterprises at home and abroad. The company has possessed two pellet production lines, a ore dressing production line and a wharf with an annual throughput capacity up to 20 million tons. The pellet production line adopts the pelletizing process of chain caster- rotary kiln- ring cooler, which is the first 3 million t/a pelletizing project in China.

The main products of Yangzhou Special Materials include acid oxidized pellets with iron grade more than 62% and pellets containing titanium & magnesium. It can also customize pellets of different quality according to the requirements of customers. The pellet quality indexes & technical parameters of Yangzhou Special Materials are stable, and the compressive strength, drum index, particle size, powder content and comprehensive qualified rate of quality of the finished pellets have reached the leading level of industry. With the service advantages of flexible order quantity & short order cycle, and relying on the advantages of convenient port logistics, the pellets are widely sold to major steel enterprises at home and abroad, including large state-owned enterprises such as VALIN LY STEEL, Baowu Group Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd., Baowu Group Chongqing Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd., Echeng Iron and Steel Co.Ltd.and Fujian Sangang Group Co., Ltd, as well as transnational enterprise such as Alliance Steel (M) Sdn. Bhd, PT. Dexin Steel Indonesia and Pohang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. At present, it has had more than 30 strategic users, its product quality and service have been recognized and favored by major well-known steel enterprises.

Yangzhou Special Materials has established a four-in-one R & D system of "production, marketing, research and user", possessed a professional testing center and a laboratory specialized in ore dressing & pelletizing; it is equipped with advanced metallurgical experimental equipment. The testing center operates in strict accordance with CNAS Criteria and quality management system documents, and undertakes all inspections from incoming raw materials and production process control to product quality and new product development, providing detection data information for the whole production and operation activities.