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Independent Innovation, Science & Technology Invigorating Enterprises

Innovation is the core content of the development concept of CITIC Special Steel, a kind of ability for enterprises to change their strain, the inherent need for the survival and development of enterprises, the precious source of maintaining the vigour and vitality of enterprises, and the inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises.We put forward the independent innovation system that idea innovation is the guide, strategy innovation is the direction, market innovation is the goal, science & technology innovation is the core, management innovation is the foundation, mechanism & system innovation is the guarantee.In specific work, centering on solving practical problems, developing new ideas, formulating new measures, exploring new methods, the company vigorously carries out technological and product innovation, continuously innovates management, improves economic & technological indicators, takes a new road of industrialization, enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises to achieve fully coordinated, sustainable and great-leap-forward development of enterprises.In the staff team, we create an innovative culture, advocate & cultivate the spirit of never resting on the current state and pursuing the positive progress, run factories like schools, advocate full-time learning and lifelong learning, create an atmosphere of team learning, and achieve information sharing, experience sharing, technology sharing and knowledge sharing.