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Seamless Steel Tube

CITIC PACIFIC Special Steel Group is one of the enterprises producing seamless steel tubes with the complete varieties & specifications in China. Its products cover Φ48~1200mm×4~200mm, with the production capacity about 1.8 million tons. It has possessed many seamless steel pipe production lines, including Φ258PQF continuous rolling mills,Φ108ASSEL unit, Φ170ASSEL unit,Φ 219CPE unit, Φ460ASSEL unit, Φ820 skew rolling unit, Φ 1200 pipe jacking machine and 1600T cold-drawing machine and other types of units. Its main products include special oil tube, pipeline tube, drill pipe, machining tube, boiler tube, nuclear power pipe, petrochemical pipe, oil cylinder tube, gas cylinder tube and automobile tube, etc. The products are widely used in petrochemical industry, aviation & aerospace, energy & power, automobile manufacturing, mechanical equipment manufacturing, pressure vessel and other fields.

Typical steel grades/Standards/Size range

Product Types


Typical Steel Grades

Size Range


APIISOGOST or Customer Specifications

API 5CT, API 5CRA standard steel grade and proprietary steel grade (ZT series anti-corrosion, anti-collapse & premium connection products etc., including nickel-base alloy and titanium alloy products)




Premium connection

Internal Specifications

T&C premium connectionZT-XCZT-HTC

Semi-Flush connection: ZT-FJU

Flush connection: ZT-FJ

Large size quick running connection:ZT-FR

Line Pipe

APIISOGOSTDNVGB or Customer Specifications

Standard steel grades(B~X100) , sour service, offshore service Line pipe etc.

Machining Pipe

ASTM、GB、EN、JIS or Customer Specifications


Pipe for Boiler

GB、ASME、EN、DIN or Customer Specifications


Pipe for Nuclear Power

GB、ASME、RCC-M or Customer Specifications


Pipe for Petrochemical

GB or Customer Specifications


Oil Cylinder Pipe

GB、EN or Customer Specifications


Pipe for Gas Cylinder

GB、ASTM、EN or Customer Specifications


Auto Pipe

YB or Customer Specifications